Building Use

Dear Preferred Ledyard Building Use Vendor:

Ledyard Public Schools uses School Dude to help us track usage, billing and equipment needs. Below are instructions to help you through setting up your username and password along with how to enter in requests for building use.
SchoolDude will allow you to:

1)   Instantly see any scheduling conflicts
2)   Reserve the room(s) you require for your event
3)   Schedule any equipment requests you require (tables, chairs, sports equipment, etc.)

All approved building use programs shall have educational or community value.  No program will be scheduled if it interferes with the normal use of the school facility for school purposes.

Ledyard Public Schools Policy regarding the Use of School Facilities, the Regulations governing use of facilities, and the fee schedule can be found by clicking here:

Policy - Use of School Facilities
Regulation - Use of School Facilities
Fees for Use of School Facilities

Please Note: All groups must have liability insurance of $1,000,000 listing Ledyard Public Schools as an additional insured. If you don’t have liability insurance, you can purchase event liability insurance through any insurance broker. You must submit a certificate of insurance from your insurance carrier prior to the event. In some cases we may need to unsure workers comp also.

Please follow the steps for Requesting Access to Community Use (this allows you to establish a username and password). After establishing a username and password, an email will be sent to the email address provided which will allow you to submit your building use request (follow the steps on Submitting Requests in Community Use).

Please view the resources below:

Step by Step Instructions - Request Access to Community Use
Step by Step Instructions - Submitting Requests in Community Use
 Video - Requesting Access to Community Use
Video - Submitting Requests in Coummunity Use