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Special Education & Related Services

Description of Special Education & Related Services
Referral to Special Education Process
Connecticut law requires that school districts provide parents of students eligible for special education and related services with information and resources, created by the Connecticut State Department of Education, relating to individualized education programs ("IEPs") annually.   The following list provides website links to information and resources that may be helpful in understanding special education and the PPT process.  

Annual Notices

Procedural Safeguards 

A full explanation of the procedural safeguards available under the IDEA and the regulations implementing the IDEA.

Parental Notification of the Laws Relating to Restraint and Seclusion

Regulations regarding the emergency use of physical restraint and seclusion or the use of seclusion as a behavior intervention in a child’s IEP. 

A Parent’s Guide to Special Education in Connecticut

Information pertaining to the laws, regulations, and policies affecting special education programs and services.

Transition Bill of Rights & Secondary Transition

Information to help parents and students understand a student’s rights as related to education and the transition to life after high school. 

Additional Resources

Bureau of Special Education

Updated resources from the Connecticut Bureau of Special Education.

Special Education Guidance and Resources for COVID-19

Updated guidance and resources for families during the covid-19 Pandemic.

Special Education Resources for Families

Additional resources provided by Connecticut.

If you are unable to access these websites, or require a hardcopy of either "A Parent's Guide to Special Education in Connecticut" or the "IEP Manual and Forms," please contact the Ledyard Public Schools Student Services Department at 860-464-9255 x 1200 to request a copy.  

We look forward to working with you and your student, 

Jodi Davis

Director of Student Services

Ledyard Public Schools