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Meal pickup schedule:

Friday Feb 12- meals for 5 days. Friday-Saturday-Sunday (Monday & Tuesday No School Presidents Day Recess)

Note:  We are going to send the bread and the filling separate for the sandwiches on Monday and Tuesday, so the bread doesn't get soggy.

Ledyard Public Schools has obtained a waiver and USDA funding to provide meals free of charge to all students 18 years of age or under and those in our LTA program.  This includes meals served in our schools (a hot and cold option will be provided) as well as those available for pickup (cold option only).  Pickup meals are available at no charge to anyone 18 or under, not just those enrolled in Ledyard Public Schools.

Pickup is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at LHS between 8am and 10am.

On delayed opening days, meal pickup will also be delayed.  A 2 hour delay will change pickup hours to 10am-12pm.  

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