LPS Employee Safety Committee

 Ledyard Public Schools
LPS Employee Safety Committee


Charge: The Safety committee is to be composed of representatives from each of the district unions. The committee will meet quarterly on dates selected by the Chairman. The committee will review all accident injury reports for the previous quarter and make recommendations on alterations to facilities, policy or procedures to prevent recurrence in the future. The committee will also address any safety issues that are brought by members or submitted by any district employee. Recommendations will be forwarded to the appropriate school or department for review and potential implementation. The school or department will review any recommendation and take corrective action or create a plan to alleviate the issue, where possible. A report on the results of any recommendations will be submitted by the school or department by the next regularly scheduled meeting. The committee members, the school or department should attempt to reach the root cause of the accident.
Makeup: The committee is composed of 2 members from each union, consisting of one full time member and one alternate. The alternate member will sit in when the union's full time member is not present. Unless filling in, the alternate has no voice or vote at meetings. The Superintendent will appoint a member of the District as Chairman of the Safety Committee.
Authorization: The committee has only recommendation status and has no power to mandate safety changes.


Meeting Date Location Time Agenda Minutes
 February 14, 2024 Virtual  1:00-2:00  Download Here  Download Here
 May 22, 2024 Virtual   10:00-11:00  Download Here  Download Here