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Ledyard High School24 Gallup Hill RoadLedyard, CT 06339(860) 464-9600fax (860) 464-1990

Main Office
Mrs. Amanda Fagan, Principal
Mrs. Irene Schultz, Principal Secretary
x 6700
Mrs. Kim Campo, Purchasing
x 6704
Ms. Lydia Del Grosso, Reception
x 6702
Assistant Principal's Office
Mr. William Turner, Assistant Principal
Mr. Shane Winters, Assistant Principal
Ms. Arlene Maynard, Assistant Principal Secretary
x 6119
Mr. Terrence O’Hanlon, Attendance
x 6120
Mrs. Claire Brennan, ISS
x 6146
Student Services
Mr. Samuel Covino, Coordinator of Student Services
Mrs. Phyllis Cody, School Psychologist
x 6134
Ms. Rosanne Ciccio, School Psychologist
x 6136
Ms. Debra Raymond, Speech Therapist
x 6806
Ms. Amy Meyer, Student Services Secretary
x 6131
Ms. Krissa Anderson, Social Worker
x 6157
School Counseling & Guidance
Mr. David Doyle, Director of School Counseling & Guidance
x 6706
Ms. Jennifer Allanach, School Counselor
x 6707
Mrs. Michelle Mathieu, School Counselor
x 6713 or x 6709
Mrs. Lisa Sumner, School Counselor
x 6710
Mrs. Christy Toppa, School Counselor
x 6711
Mrs. Carol Schwenk, Career Development Coodinator
x 6147
Mrs. Carol Paterson, Guidance Secretary
x 6709
Mrs. Claudia Adams, Guidance Aide
x 6713
Ms. Alison J. Tolley, Agri-Science Secretary
x 7127
Ms. Shelly Roy, Agri-Science Instructional Leader
x 7128
Nurse's Office
Direct Line to Nurse's Office (860) 464-8940
Nurse's Fax (860) 464-2081
Ms. Laurie Gwin
x 6139
Ms. Teresa Fields
x 6139
Library Media Center
Mrs. Sue Lantelme, Library Media Specialist
x 6154
Mrs. Luanne Lamothe, Library Tech - Periodicals - Reference
x 6156
Mrs. Donna Jarzabek, Computer Room Assistant
x 6155
Athletic Director's Office
Mr. James Buonocore, Athletic Director
x 6123
Mr. Steven Bilheimer, Assistant Athletic Director
x 6225
Food Service
Darlene McCarthy, Whitsons School Lunch Director
 x 6152
Mrs. Dawn Anderson, World Languages
x 62058
Mrs. Sharon Bajorin, Mathematics
x 64108
Mr. Glenn Baker, Science
x 62048
Mr. David Bednarz, Science
x 61038
Mrs. Jennifer Bednarz, Mathematics
x 64078
Mr. Steven Bilheimer, Health
x 6225
Mrs. Beverly Blacker, Art
x 62148
Ms. Nina Bumpus, Social Studies
x 64138
Mr. James Buonocore, Physical Education
x 6123
Mr.Stephen Byrne, English
x 63068
Mr. James Cartier, Technology
x 67318
Mr. William Casertano, Social Studies
x 64058
Ms. Elizabeth Chivers, Science
x 61048
Mr. Richard Cirillo, Special Education
x 6129
Ms. Jessica Craig, World Languages
x 62078
Ms. Katia Diaz, World Languages
x 62098
Ms. Angela Donovan, Science
x 63048
Mr. Bruce Douglass, Science
x 62038
Ms. Elizabeth Dubreuil, Social Studies
x 64028
Mr. David Edgecomb, Special Education
x 6419
Mr. Charles Estabrooks, Technology
x 64148
Ms. Joan Feeney, World Languages
x 62088
Ms. Ann Finnegan, Family & Consumer Sciences
x 61138
Ms. Kathleen Flanagan, Art
x 62128
Mrs. Kathleen Flax, Mathematics
x 64088
Ms. Angela Folino, Business
x 62188
Mr. Seth Galante, Social Studies
x 64068
Ms. Kelly Glassman, Special Education
x 61168
Mr. Tom Green, Instrumental Music
x 6145
Mr. Mark Grillo, Agri-Science
x 71648
Mr. Russell Hammond, Vocal Music
x 6145
Mrs. Ashley Hargus, Social Studies
x 64038
Mr. Kurt Jannke, World Languages
x 62118
Mr. Evan Lambert, Music
x 6145
Mr. Sean Law, Mathematics
x 64098
Ms. Kathryn Lyon, Physical Education
x 6124
Ms. Marceline Macrino, English
x 61068
Ms. Claire Malavazos, English                    
x 63108
Mr. Arthur Marrero, Special Education
x 64168
Mrs. Loren McGarrahan, Special Education
x 61158
Ms. Melissa Messina, Mathematics
x 6807
Mr. Doug Meyer, Technology
x 67328
Ms. Michelle Meyer, Special Education
x 64188
Ms. Andrea Montgomery, Special Education
x 64178
Ms. Kirsten Montgomery, Science
x 61028
Mrs. Karen Moriarty, Mathematics
x 63098
Ms. Patricia Nugent, English
x 61108
Ms. Jennifer O'Brien, Social Studies
x 64018
Ms. Renee O'Farrell, Mathematics
x 64118
Mrs. Devon O'Keefe, Agri-Science
x 71618
Mr. Leon Palmieri, English, Social Studies
x 61118
Ms. Barbara Park, English
x 61098
Mr. Erik Person, Physical Education
x 6125
Ms. Georgina Potkul, Special Education
x 6802
Ms. Diana Riley, English
x 61128
Ms. Shelly Roy, Agri-Science
x 7128
Ms. Heather Russak, Mathematics
x 63078
Mrs. Holly Ryan, Reading Teacher
x 6133
Mr. Matthew Smith, Agri-Science
x 71638
Ms. Tamie Smith, Social Studies
x 63028
Mr. Scott Stanton, Mathematics
x 64128
Ms. Martha Starace, Family & Consumer Sciences
x 61148
Mrs. Rosemary Staropoli, English
x 63118
Mr. Brian Sullivan, Science
x 62158
Mrs. Renée Sylvestre, World Languages
x 62068
Mr. David Tetlow, Technology
x 67348
Ms. Corinne Thompson, Special Education
x 65028
Mr. Eric Van Frachen, Social Studies
x 64048
Mr. Peter Vincent, Physical Education
x 6803
Dr. Wenqiao Wang, Science
x 63058
Ms. Margaret Welch, English
x 61058
Mr. Robert Williams, Agri-Science
x 71608
Mr. James Wisniewski, Science
x 6805
Mr. Scott Woodruff, Science
x 62018