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It is important to recognize that a hazardous materials emergency can occur along transportation routes in addition to fixed facilities.  In Ledyard, the following areas are recognized as having the highest potential for a transportation related hazardous materials incident:

Route 12 -- Groton to Preston

Route 214 -- Route 12 to Route 2

Route 2  -- Preston to North Stonington

Route 117 -- Groton to Preston

Yankee Gas Pipeline  -- Route 12 (Groton to Preston) and Hurlbutt Road (Route 12 to Thames River Crossing).

Algonquin Gas Pipeline -- Northeast corner of the Town

Naval Submarine Base -- Southwest corner of the Town

P&W Railroad -- Groton to Preston parallel to Thames River

Thames River -- Groton to Preston (Ledyard -Montville Town line splits the river)

Emergency Response Procedures

Emergency response procedures for transportation accidents are broken into three principal categories.  Those which exist in the immediate area of the accident site but do not constitute an impact on the surrounding community; those which exist in the immediate area of the accident and could result in an impact to the surrounding community; and those in the immediate area of the accident which are affecting the surrounding community.

How can you be impacted?

Although a significant incident on our transportation routes is unlikely, the impact to you would be to either shelter in place or to evacuate.  Instructions for each of these emergency actions are accessible by selecting the appropriate button above.

How will you be notified?

In the case of an emergency on a transportation route which could affect you, the reverse 9-1-1 system will be our first method to try to contact you.  Shortly thereafter, TV and radio station notifications will occur.

TV Stations carrying the EAS message will be:

WFSB - Channel 3     WTNH - Channel 8      WVIT - Channel 30      WTIC - Channel 61

Check your local cable TV service for the cable channel selection in your area.

Local Radio carrying the EAS message will be:

WNPR - 89.1 FM   WCTY - 97.7 FM    WNLC - 98.7 FM   WQGN - 105.5 FM   WBMW - 106.5 FM   (WCTY is the primary reporting station for the area)

WSUB - 980 AM   WMRD - 1150 AM   WICH - 1310 AM   WLIS - 1420 AM


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