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Millstone Nuclear Power Station Emergency Actions

When Schools Are In Session

All Ledyard schools are outside of the Millstone Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ). 

Should a Millstone emergency occur, our emergency plan calls for students who reside in the Millstone EPZ to remain at school until their parents or guardians are able to pick them up.   Students who ride the bus to school and reside in neighborhoods outside of the Millstone EPZ will be bussed home.  Students who walk to school and reside in neighborhoods outside the Millstone EPZ will be released to walk home.  If you live outside the EPZ but believe for any reason you would not be able to return home in a timely manner to be with your child we ask that you have a plan in place to ensure your child's safety at home until you arrive.  This plan may be similar to one you have in place for early dismissal due to inclement weather. 

In such an emergency, the Director of Emergency Management will coordinate the town’s emergency plan through the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  Supervision, using voluntary staff members and members of the community, will be coordinated by the Director of Emergency Management.  The school district has radio and cell phone access between the central office, schools, and the EOC.

 Upon direction from the Director of Emergency Management and after other students have been bussed home, all Millstone EPZ students remaining at the elementary school buildings will be transported to the Ledyard High School or Ledyard Middle School where they will remain under our supervision.  Notice will be left on the doors of the elementary schools notifying any late arriving parents or guardians of the location of the shelter to which students were transported. 

Using information available at the time, the Director of Emergency Management will make any further decision about evacuation from these shelters to the State established shelter for the Town of Ledyard at the University of Connecticut in Storrs.  This information will be provided through the Emergency Alerting System. You can find specific information on pages two and three of the phone book yellow pages and within the booklet “Emergency Planning at Millstone Station” that was sent to residents from the Connecticut Office of Emergency Management. 


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Last modified: 02/28/12