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Styron, Americas Styrenics and the Dow Chemical Company are located on an induistrial complex at 1761 Route 12 in Gales Ferry (formerly the Dow Chemical Company Allyn's Point Plant).  As with any industrial facility, many layers of protection are in place to ensure the safety of both the plant employees and the public.  The companies have an outstanding safety record and have been major contributors to the Town's emergency planning -- supporting both emergency responder awareness as well as hosting many emergency training exercises. 

Some of the principal layers of protection at the Allyn's Point Complex are:

- Well designed systems

- Highly trained, skilled operators

- Automatic monitoring and safety systems

- Integrated emergency planning and training with Ledyard emergency response crews.

Protective Features

The following are examples of some of the protective features in place:

 Manufacturing processes: 

Manufacturing processes are equipped with spill containment and automatic fire protection systems.

Manufacturing processes are equipped with automatic alarm systems for detecting either chemical releases and/or malfunctioning systems which could cause chemical release. 

Tank Farm:

Containment is provided for 100% of the largest tank and 25% of the rest of the volume of the tanks plus 2 inches of rain.

Marine Terminal:

An oil control boom is used for all shipments and appropriate Coast Guard spill control plans are implemented at the facility.

Facility Fire Protection:

The Allyn’s Point Complex, has a 5,000-gallon per minute fire water pumping station on site that is fed from a 14-million gallon freshwater pond. The fire pumping station is equipped with 2 diesel fire pumps as backup in the event of a loss of electric power.  A foam system is installed and can be utilized to blanket chemicals spilled into diked areas.  There are 4 fire hydrants on the 16 inch municipal main accessible to responding fire apparatus. 

Emergency Response Procedures

Emergency response procedures are broken into three principal categories for the facility.  Those which exist on the site but do not constitute an impact on the surrounding community; those which exist on the site and could result in an impact to the surrounding community; and those on the site which are affecting the surrounding community.

The Town is notified of all emergency conditions at the facility and implements action per the hazardous materials response plan as appropriate. 

How can you be impacted?

Although a significant Incident at the chemical plant is unlikely, the impact to you would be to either shelter in place or to evacuate.  Instructions for each of these emergency actions are accessible by selecting the appropriate button above.

How will you be notified?

In the case of an emergency at the Allyn's Point Complex the public will be notified via the reverse 9-1-1 system as well as local TV and radio via the Emergency Alerting System (EAS).

TV Stations carrying the EAS message will be:

WFSB - Channel 3     WTNH - Channel 8      WHPX - Channel 26     WVIT - Channel 30      WTIC - Channel 61

Check your local cable TV service for the cable channel selection in your area.

Local Radio carrying the EAS message will be:

WNPR - 89.1 FM   WCTY - 97.7 FM    WNLC - 98.7 FM   WQGN - 105.5 FM   WBMW - 106.5 FM   (WCTY is the primary reporting station for the area)

WSUB - 980 AM   WMRD - 1150 AM   WICH - 1310 AM   WLIS - 1420 AM


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