Strategic Plan

Ledyard Public Schools
Strategic Plan



Ledyard Public Schools - a community for exemplary learning


Ledyard Public Schools facilitates experiences for our community that cultivate a joy for learning, perseverance, independence, and social responsibility through innovative teaching practices.    


  • The Teacher Effectiveness Performance Evaluation Handbook; the Ledyard Administrator Effectiveness, Professional Learning, and Performance Evaluation Manual; and the Ledyard Professional Learning Plan will be used to expand the leadership capacity of Ledyard Public Schools administrators and teachers. 
  • The Board of Education will develop, implement, and maintain a communication plan that will support the Vision and Mission of Ledyard Public Schools.
  • The District will maintain, support and improve the necessary infrastructure required for students and staff to utilize technology to enhance teaching and learning.  
  • By the end of the 2015-2016, the District will revise and realign curricula to incorporate state and national frameworks to be reviewed by Instructional Council and reported to the Board of Education, and to align pedagogy with 21st Century themes and skills.